Alternate Phone Numbers

An alternate phone number can be configured for a user so that the user's alerts can additionally go to either an office phone number or a home phone number. This is particularly useful for providers who live or work in areas with limited cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, it can be configured for users who would like the additional comfort of a phone call alert on their home phone number when they are asleep.

Telmediq can be configured to alert or pass live callers to this number.

Note: Previously the Alternate phone number was labelled as "Home phone number" in Telmediq.

On a user's profile, an administrator can add a user's alternate phone number as follows:

Go to the Users tab, search for the user, and select the user's name to open their detail. Next to the mobile number field in the General settings there is the Alternate number field:


When an alternate number has been entered, two new workflows are enabled:

1. If a phone call would be directed to a user, they can change their inbound mode to Call Alternate. A user's inbound mode can be changed by an administrator in their user detail, Telephony section, or by the user in the Telmediq app settings. When this is set, Telmediq will attempt to transfer incoming calls to this number. If the call is not picked up before the failover timeout is reached, the caller is prompted for their callback number, and a voicemail is collected, this is sent as a message to the recipient.

2. When alerting a user to a message, the alternate number can be adding into the alerting policy as an additional alerting step.


In the above example the default alerting policy has had the Alternate Phone alert step added to the policy.

In this case:

  • A push notification is sent to the user.
  • Telmediq would then wait 5 minutes for the message to be read, before sending an SMS text notification.
  • Then wait for another 5 minutes for the message to be read, before placing a phone call alert to the user's mobile phone.
  • Then wait for another 5 minutes, before placing a phone call alert to the user's alternate phone number.
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