Alerting Policy: Adjusting Reply Messages

As of server release 5.1* the default alerting policy for reply messages is being adjusted to 1 push notification to app users (1 SMS notification for SMS users, or an email page to a legacy pager user). If you would like to customize this for your account:

1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner, and choose Account Settings

2. Click on the Alerting Policies section on the left

3. Click on +Add Alerting Policy in the top right

4. Name the alerting policy, choose a disarm state, and press Save.

5. Click +Add step on the right hand side, choose the Alert type, and set the time (in seconds) before the next alert should be sent. Repeat this to add the alerting you prefer. We would advise that the alerting policy always starts with a Page E-mail with a 0 second timeout, to ensure your legacy pager users are notified. Then click Save.

6. Click on the Message Types section on the left.

7. Click on +Add Message Type in the top right.

8. Fill in the name, select the alerting policy you created, change the priority to Low, and then press Save at the bottom.

9. Click on the General section on the left.

10. Set the Reply message type to the message type you have created, then press Save.

* If you are on a Server Release below 2.0 please contact to have your "chat" alerting policy adjusted.

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