Why aren't my AD users syncing?

Please refer to the article https://support.telmediq.com/hc/en-us/articles/209361306-Setting-up-AD-User-Sync-and-Authentication to set up AD User Sync and Authentication.

If the AD users are not syncing into TelmedIQ, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  1. The user(s) have an email address that already exists for a user in TelmedIQ.
  2. The user(s) have a mobile number that already exists for a user in TelmedIQ.
  3. The user(s) in AD have the same mobile number.
  4. The search criteria is not finding the user(s).

Please note that mobile numbers and email addresses must be unique within TelmedIQ.  The AD User Sync will not import any user with a mobile number or email address that already exists within the account.

To verify whether the search criteria is finding the expected users, please review the AD Agent log.  The log file (TelmedIQADSyncService.txt) can be found in the log folder in the location the AD Agent was installed.  

You can verify a user is syncing into TelmedIQ by updating their title or last name* in AD, waiting 10 minutes, checking that the user updated in TelmedIQ, then reverting the change.

* TelmedIQ hashes the data we are capturing from AD. When TelmedIQ sees that the hashed data no longer matches we then re-sync the user.



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