Directories and Linked Account Shared Directories

What is a Directory in Telmediq?
In the Account Settings > Directories tab you will be able to see your accounts primary directory. The primary directory contains all users, groups, and locations in your account.
The directory feature allows an administrator to manage what directory objects are available to particular users or departments, as well as, what information is displayed in these directory objects.
The setting Auto-add will ensure the directory stays updated, automatically adding any newly created users or groups to this directory.
The setting Default controls whether users in your account will automatically have access to view this directory. A directory with this disabled is only viewable by users or departments that have had this explicitly added to them.
Note: If you do not have any default directories in the account, it is highly likely your users will no longer be able to message each other.
What information is available on a directory object?
Some directory objects are linked to other resources in Telmediq, such as paging groups or users. Some are created only in the directory, such as locations, and are fully editable. Directory objects have contact methods, such as email, pager number, mobile number, desk phone number, extension. A directory object can also have a contact note added to help direct users to contact this user, group, or location using the best methods.
How can I configure my Directories so that a particular user or group is hidden?
In the Account Settings > Directories tab you can create a new directory. I'll call this the 'Hidden group directory'. Enable the Settings Default, and Auto-add.
Next choose the +Add option to add a directory object to the directory, but don't select just one object. Instead, select the checkbox in the top left of the title bar to add all directory objects.
Search the directory for the users or groups you wish to hide, and press the 'x' next to the directory object to remove them.
For each user or department that you wish to view the hidden users or groups, add your accounts primary directory to the user or department in the User or Department detail > Directories tab.
Note: If you do not have any default directories in the account, it is highly likely your users will no longer be able to message each other. Please verify you have a default directory set before disabling this setting.
Finally, remove access to the primary directory for all other users or departments by unchecking the Setting Default on the primary directory.
Creating and managing linked directory objects:
Telmediq will need to create the link between your account and the linked account. We will also need to enable contact sharing between the accounts. Please contact Telmediq support to facilitate this process. We require written confirmation from the linked account's administrator and your accounts administrator.
In the Account Settings > Directories tab you will be able to see your accounts primary directory (this includes everyone) as well as control what users, groups, and locations are shared from your account (Account A) to the linked account (Account B) in a 'Shared Account A to Account B directory'.
Note: In the linked account, they have a similarly created 'Shared Account B to Account A directory' where users, groups, and locations can be shared with your account.
If you select the shared directory, you can view and manage what directory entries are being shared with these other accounts.
Managing which of your users see other accounts directories:
Note: We highly recommend that these are managed at the department level. It is possible to add these to individual users, but not recommended.
You can navigate to the Account Settings > Departments tab. Select the department 'Administration' > then select the Directories tab.
Below you can see I've added the 'Shared ChildrenMN to Gillette' directory to this department.
This means that every member of this department will be able to see and message all of the users, groups and locations shared from Children MN's account. This process would need to be completed for all departments in your account.
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