In Telmediq there are reports that give you an overview of specific attributes of your Telmediq applications users. To access the reports, launch Telmediq in the desktop application or web console.

Once logged in, click on More in the top right along the top. Click on Reports. Here you will find the listing of reports as shown below:


Adoption Tracking report

Provides a breakdown of active users and application installations over a given time period. This report is designed to see how successful your Telmediq application is doing for adoption.

Call Log Report

Reports on all calls into the system. This report will help you discover and see the frequency of use. You can download the details in a csv file for advanced reporting use.

Device Breakdown

Provides a breakdown of the types of devices users are using across departments within Telmediq. This report is great for tracking BYOD and user device preference.

First, choose the department you want to look into by checking the box to the left of the department. Click Run Report.

You will then see a pie graph showing what devices are being used.

Message Type Report

Outlines the average delivery, read, and reply times over a given period for specific message types. Here you can see results on user statistics, such as how many messages are sent by user, and average Delivered, Read and Replied times.

CSV download option available.


Message Volume Over time

Outlines the volume of messages by day over a given timeframe. Hover the cursor over the colored areas to get a snapshot of the data collected.  Csv download available.

Monitoring Report

Provides a chronological report of a user’s monitoring history.

First select the user you want to see the monitoring history of a specific user. Click Run Report. Csv download available for enhanced analysis.

Onboarding Report

Reports on all users who have yet to install the smartphone app. If an Active Directory integration exists with Telmediq, this data is synced.

To improve your adoption rate, use this list to ensure the users download and login to Telmediq. Csv download available.

Rollout Report

This report outlines the cumulative amount of messages exchanged over incrementing periods of time (30, 60, 90, 180 days). 


Usage Report

Outlines the average delivery, read, and reply times over a given time period, organized by user.

Filtering by department also available. Csv download available

User Message Type Report

Provides a breakdown of sent and received messages by message type, organized by user.

First, select the user to report on. Click Run Report. Csv download available.

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