How do I fix notification problems on my Samsung?


This can vary slightly between Samsung devices but in general, here are complete instructions:

Go to Settings / Sounds and Vibration / Volume

  • Make sure Notifications volume is at least half way

Go to Settings / Device Maintenance / battery

  • set Power saving mode
    • Off
    • MID
      • customize
      • Background Network Usage: On/Allowed
  • under App Power Monitor
    • edit Unmonitored Apps
      • +Add apps
      • Make sure Telmediq is ticked and tap DONE
  • open up Battery Usage
    • tap the ☰ menu in top right and choose ‘Optimize battery usage’
    • change ‘Apps not optimized’ to ‘All apps’
    • find Telmediq and turn it off

Go to Settings / Apps / Telmediq

  • Usage info,
    Mobile data
    • Allow background data usage
  • App settings,
    • Allow Notifications
    • Bypass DND / Set as Priority Enable
    • If there are Categories, make sure that for each one, Sound is not 'None' or 'Silent'
      • this occasionally changes after updating from 7 (Nougat) to 8 (Oreo) or 9 (Pie)
  • Permissions
    • Camera (to attach photos of face sheets, etc)
    • Microphone (to take or place VoIP calls/callbacks from within the app)
    • Phone (to trigger regular calls/callbacks from within the app, with or without Call ID blocking)
    • Storage (to attach documents or Gallery images)
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