Shift Swapping - Use and Administration

This document reviews the following steps for:

  • Enabling the shift takeover feature as an Admin within the console
  • How to take a shift within the mobile app


Enabling Shift Takeover:

  1. Log in to the web console as an administrator
  2. Click shiftswap1.webp along the top toolbar
  3. Click the desired schedule name, then click the Settings tab shiftswap2.webp
  4. Check the box to Allow Shift Takeover:

shiftswap3.webp .

      5. Click shiftswap4.png


For Mobile Users:

  1. In the mobile app, tap Directory at the bottom. Locate and tap the name of the schedule you want to take a shift from:



     2. In the schedule details screen, tap View Schedule:



    3. Tap the info button to the far right of the name of the user you want to swap shifts with, then tap Take Shift:

  • The takeover user's name will then appear in place of the original user, indicating the swap is complete.



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