Assignable Roles

What is a Telmediq assignable role?

A Telmediq assignable role is a set of automation scripts which are run when an end user assumes a specific role. An example of an assignable role would be 4West Charge Nurse.


What does an assignable role do?

An assignable role is capable of the following actions:

  1. Adding or removing a user from a broadcast group upon logging in or ending their shift
  2. Adding a user to a specified Telmediq department, which would take on the permissions, workflow, etc. for that department
  3. Applying a patient filter to a user account so they only see patients from their assigned department


Who can see an assignable role?

Users populated into a Telmediq department, either manually through the Telmediq UI or as a result of the user being added as a member to the associated group in Active Directory, are able to see assignable roles pertaining to their direct facility location. Users marked as shift users will be automatically removed from the assignable role when ending their shift.


What is a Telmediq shift user?

A Telmediq shift user is given the ability to access assignable roles upon logging into either the desktop application or mobile application. If enabled, the shift user will be prompted at log in to set a date and time to have their shift automatically end.  Ending a shift would remove the user from any assignable roles, patient filters, and care team assignments. These functions are added to the user by assuming a specific assignable role at login.


Configuring an assignable role

  1. Log into an admin account in the desktop application
  2. Click on Paging Groups
  3. Ensure the Broadcast group for the assignable doesn’t currently exist
  4. Go to Account Settings
  5. Click “Assignable Roles” from the left menu bar
  6. Ensure the assignable role you are creating doesn’t currently exist
  7. Create the role name
  8. Click “+Add Role”
  9. Select the appropriate role type
    • If the appropriate role type does not exist, create an assignable role type
      1. Open the “Assignable Role Types” from the left menu bar in a new tab and hit “+ Add Role”
      2. Select the appropriate Settings template
    • Select the appropriate settings template for the unit you are creating
      1. If the appropriate settings template does not exist, create a template
        1. Open the “Settings Templates” in a new tab from the left menu
        2. Click “+ Create Settings Template”
        3. Configure the appropriate settings for that department



Where does an assignable role receive its configuration settings from?

A Telmediq assignable role receives its configuration settings from a settings template. Individual templates can be created per department. When editing an assignable role, you may select the “Settings Template” dropdown and save the role to apply the new template. More information here.


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