New Thread Searching Experience

This new thread searching feature allows users to search, view, and manage messaging threads. Now,  users can be configured to search threads with different scopes and filters. Below are instructions on how to enable thread searching for users, how to configure a user's thread search scope, and then how to search threads:

1. To enable the permission, visit account settings > roles. This permission can be added to an existing role or a new role can be created. Select the role and open the "Messaging" tab. Here, select the "Can search threads" permission and select save.

Screen_Shot_2019-12-05_at_2.47.34_PM.pngVisit the "Users" tab and select the user for whom the thread search scope will be updated. Select "Settings" and choose the desired scope by selecting the drop down menu for "Thread Search Scope"


The options include

  • The user's own messages only (default)
  • The user's own messages and the user's department specific messages
  • Or all messages within the account


4. To begin searching threads, select the "More" tab and choose "Additional Tools" 


5. Select "Messaging" > "Search Threads"


6. Here the user can select different filters for their search, now including searching by paging group and message type. This feature will return faster, more reliable results.


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