Admin: Add a New User


  • Log into web console as an admin user.
  • Click on Users
  • Click Add User  addanewuser2.webp
  • Fill out Username* and choose a User type*
    * Note that for Mobile Only and Token Groups, no password is required
    * Mobile Only can later have permissions set for Web Console access, and vice versa.

  • Fill out Email address, Title, and First & Last names
  • Fill out Mobile number  (optional)
  • If set, Default Message Type will assign desired type each time the user composes a new message.
     * If left blank, user will be forced to choose type each time a new message is composed
  • Hit Save  shiftswap4.png
  • You will be re-directed to see the remainder of the user’s settings.
  • Groups determine what areas the user has access to. Check the boxes that apply.
  • Departments allows a user to be added to a department.
     * Departments are administered in Account Settings
  • Assignable Filters manage a user’s (or department’s) view of the Directory or Patient Census tab using tags.
  • Alerting will set the Alerting Policies for that user.
    * This overrides the Account Settings Alerting Policy if one is set. Ringtones can also be set in Alerting Policies for Normal, Urgent, and Chat pages.
  • Escalations will set the Escalation Policy for that user. 
    * Escalation Policies are administered in Account Settings
  • Pager Settings allow a Pager email, Forwarding, and Auto response to be administered.
  • Devices will display the methods in which the user can be contacted via Telmediq.
  • Contacts allows communication for only the chosen contacts, vs. open communication with all users. 
    * Use when Settings > Open communication checkbox is unchecked
  • Pinned Contacts allows for quick access when composing a new message
  • Telephony allows the user to have their Name, Online and Offline pager greetings recorded. Also where to send External and Internal Calls, Forwarding calls, and miscellaneous Mobile Settings. 
    Prompts for Greetings are administered in Account Settings > Telephony > Prompts
  • Settings contain various system access scopes, and Web Console session settings.
  • Provider Settings controls how a patient’s EMR data is linked to a Provider surrounding the Patient Centric Messaging rules.


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