Push, SMS, call mobile, call home

Our alerting policy makes our solution unique over other secure texting applications, because we are able to send a message indicator via text message or telephone in the event that the user does not have (or loses) a data connection on their Smartphone.  We can also send a message to a legacy pager device or call a home/office number.  

Here is an example of an alerting policy:

SmartPager would do the following until a message is delivered:

  1. Send Push Notification to the SP app on your mobile
  2. Wait 5 Minutes
  3. Send another Push Notification
  4. Wait 5 Minutes
  5. Send an SMS (text message)
  6. Wait 5 minutes
  7. Call the user's Mobile Number
  8. Wait 5 minutes
  9. Call your Home or Office

Of course, the waiting time can be customized according to your Clinic's requirements. (Note: this is on an Account Level -- not an individual's preferences -- so the policy will apply to all users). 

Normal Alerting and Urgent Alerting policies can be configured separately.  

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