Creating and managing public landing pages

TelmedIQ web console release 8.0+ allows an account administrator to create and manage public facing landing pages. The feature allows the administrator to easily add links to web token pages, and public paging group schedules. It also allows an administrator to create a repository for best practices and documentation.

The feature can be accessed through the "Wiki Configuration" menu option available in "Account Settings".

Creating a Wiki Page

  • Click on your name in the top right hand corner, and choose "Account Settings".

  • Click on "Wiki Configuration" in the Miscellaneous section.

  • Click on the "+ Add Wiki Page" option at the top right of the screen.

  • Name: Provide a name for the wiki page.  This will be used as the title for the page.
  • Private page: Choose between a Private page (can only by accessed by logged in users) and Public page (can be accessed by anyone)
  • Content: When adding or editing the contact, we recommend using the maximize button to increase the size of the editable area.  This button can be located in the control panel of the "Content" field.

  • A complete listing of public on call schedule links can be added to the page by clicking on the calendar icon in the "Content" field control panel.

  • A complete listing of Token User public links can be added to the page by clicking on the multi-person icon in the "Content" field control panel'.
  • Format the page as desired
  • When you have completed your changes click on the minimize button in the control panel of the "Content" field.

  • Click on "Save"

The wiki page has been created.  The page can be viewed by clicking on the "Open" option located at the top right of the "Edit Wiki Page" screen.  The website address for the wiki page can be obtained from this view.


To view the URL for the wiki page, navigate back to "Wiki Configuration" to see the wiki page listing.  The website address is displayed on this page.

To view an example, click here.

For assistance using this feature, please email

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