How to Set Up a Custom Pager Greeting

1.) First open the Smart Pager app, select 'Settings' (the slider icon), then scroll down to 'Pager Greetings'.

Select either 'Pager On' or 'Pager Off' depending on which message you would like to record. You can record a different message for if your pager status is 'On' or 'Off'.

2.) Press the red circle button under 'RECORD NEW GREETING' to start recording your greeting.

3.) Press the white square button under 'RECORD NEW GREETING' when you are finished recording your greeting.

4.) You can press the small white triangle under 'RECORD NEW GREETING' to review your recorded message.

5.) When you are satisfied with your recording press the 'Save' button under 'RECORD NEW GREETING' to save your Custom Greeting.

6.) Slide the slider next to 'Custom Greeting' from 'OFF' to 'ON' to activate your new message.

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