Tokens: Multiple Users Share a Login

Tokens allow a group of users to login with a simple group name, or a web bookmark, and no passwords to worry about.

Tokens are often configured so that only certain people or Paging Groups can be messaged.

A sample token messaging page


Creating Tokens

Administrators can create token users by going to the Users tab and clicking Add User

  • Change the User type to Token
  • Give it a short but descriptive userame, with no spaces.
  • Give it a very descriptive Display Name, usually with the word Token on the end
  • choose an appropriate default message type

Restricting Tokens

Administrators can restrict a token's ability to send messages by going to the Users tab and clicking on the token's name to edit it.

  • Click on Settings
    • disable Open Communication
    • Enable Assignable message types
    • Save.

  • Click on Contacts
    • Search at the bottom to find and add users, groups, or departments
    • Always remember to click Save!​
  • Click on the new Message Types menu
    • select all of the message types this token should be permitted to send
      Note: Remember to select the message type you chose as the token's Default! 
  • Always remember to click Save!​
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