How to Create Alias Tags

What are Alias Tags?

Alias tags can be added to users, groups, or departments so they can be found in the directory by searching for the added tag. This will allow objects to have searchable tags that may not be included in their name, title, department, or group. 

How to add an Alias Tag?

1. Go to Account settings

2. Select DirectoriesScreen_Shot_2019-04-05_at_4.14.55_PM.pngand open the new "New Directory UI"Screen_Shot_2019-04-05_at_4.16.04_PM.png

3. Select "Objects" on the left hand side 

4. You will then search for the object to which you want to add the alias tag. For this example, we will be searching for the Physical Therapist groups 

5. Once you select the object, you will select the tag type as "Alias" Screen_Shot_2019-04-05_at_4.23.34_PM.png

  • Note, if you do not see any options under tag type, you can create a new one in "Account settings" and then "Add Tag Type"
  • Screen_Shot_2019-04-05_at_4.25.35_PM.png Screen_Shot_2019-04-05_at_4.26.07_PM.png

6. After you select "Alias" as the Tag Type, you can then type the word(s) you would like to associate this object with. For this example we will type "PT" and create this optionScreen_Shot_2019-04-05_at_4.27.58_PM.pngOnce this option is created, it can be used for other directory objects.


You can now search for this directory object simply by typing in "PT"


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