News & Announcements: Admin Guide

News & Announcements Guide

The News & Announcements section provides the ability to broadcast information out to specific users, departments or to the entire account. Information shared in these feeds are typically informational and are not critical in nature. Critical or time-sensitive information would be sent utilizing paging groups.

This document outlines how an administrator can create news feeds and posts and how the end user receives the information.

Configuring News & Announcements

In order to create news feeds and posts, a user would need access to the News and Announcements Permissions.


Once the user has the above permissions, they can access the News & Announcements feature in the New UI by clicking on More in the top menu and selecting News & Announcements.


To create a new feed, click on +New Feed from the Dashboard section from the left menu bar.


Create a title for the feed and an optional description. If Mandatory is selected, the end users will receive an alert on their mobile device and will not be able to suppress notifications. Click save feed.


Once a news feed has been created, users can be added as subscribers. Prior to adding subscribers, you must ensure that all necessary users have permissions to view news and announcements, as shown below in the accessing news and announcements section.

To add subscribers, select +Users to pull in only specific users, +Departments to pull in all members of a department, or +Account for every user in the account.


Pull in the users, departments or account and click Subscribe.


To add a new post to a news feed, ensure you are on the Posts tab from the left menu and click +Create Feed.


Complete the title and description fields with any pertinent information. Posts include the ability to provide a link to an URL or attach an image. Once the post is complete, click Save Post.


In order for a post to be visible to users within a feed, the post must be published to that feed. To do so, pull in the appropriate news feed from the “Published to Feeds” section on the right and click Publish.



Accessing News & Announcements

Any user that will be added as a subscriber to a news feed must have the appropriate permissions. An admin user will need to ensure the appropriate user groups have the “Can view News and Announcements tab” and “View News and Announcements” permissions.


Once the user has the necessary permissions and receives a post to a feed they subscribe to, they will be able to access the News & Announcements section from the web application, desktop application and/or mobile application.

Web/Desktop Access

To access News & Announcements as a subscriber, the user will navigate to the More option from the top menu and selection News & Announcements.



By clicking on the Dashboard section, a user would be able to see any news feeds they are subscribed to and any recent posts. A user can select the appropriate feed and then view posts that are part of that feed.


Alternatively, by clicking on the Post section in the left menu bar, the user would be able to see all posts that are part of any news feeds they are subscribed to, at a glance. To see posts for a specific news feed, they could simple click on the name of the news feed.


By clicking on View Details for a specific post, the user would be able to see all details for the post, including any images and URLs.


Mobile Application Access

If a news feed is mandatory, all subscribers will receive an alert once a post is published to that feed. If a news feed is not mandatory, the alert will be dependent upon whether the user has silenced posts for that news feed.

When the user is alerted of a post, they will receive a mobile push notification with the title of that post. If they click on the notification, the app will launch into the news post details. If the user goes back and selects the feed, and the news feed is not mandatory, they are able to silence all posts for that feed by clicking on the alarm icon. They are also able to view previous posts from within the feed.


If a news feed is not mandatory and the user has silenced the feed, the News & Announcements tab would display a number for new posts. No audible alerts or push notifications would be sent.

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