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Knowing whom to contact

There are a lot of groups in Telmediq. Use the following guides to find the right group to page for a given service, 24/7. Please avoid sending messages to individual names/users, as the coverage schedules are integrated in these groups. You can star your favorites within the application.

Physician Groups

Ancillary Services

What if I am scrubbed in?

Telmediq provides auto-reply features and forwarding to other groups and users. In addition, certain users can receive and reply to your pages utilizing monitoring mode. See below for more information.

What if I am scrubbed in?

Monitoring Mode How-To

Additional learning resources

Learn how to use Telmediq with this 2-minute training video:

This short video demonstrates the installation and initial registration process on iOS devices: 

This video demonstrates the installation and initial registration process on Android devices:

Quick Reference Handout (QRG) Card for iPhone and Android

QRG slide deck for iPhone users

QRG slide deck for Android users

MLH Getting Started FAQ Handout sheet

What is Telmediq?


Telmediq is the secure healthcare communications system selected by MLH.

The HIPAA-compliant Telmediq app lets you:

  • Exchange text messages, voice messages, and images with physicians, nurses, and other staff throughout the hospital
  • View and page on-call providers
  • View care teams and patient demographic information at a glance
  • Make outbound calls to patients and external providers through the Telmediq dialer and the caller ID will show the MLH switchboard number instead of your personal number

Using Telmediq on your phone

Using Telmediq on a computer

For nurses: How to manage patient care team assignments

For schedulers: How to manage schedules in Telmediq

How to contact support


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