Viewing Alert logs and Message history

The Messages tab in the Telmediq desktop and web application allows the user to search for a message, and view its respective alerting and status history. First, click the Messages tab at the top after logging in to the console.


Next, click the blue square with the magnifying glass icon to load the search window as seen below. Fill out necessary criteria and click Search.

After the search is complete, click to highlight the message on the left hand side of the console. The message contents will load in the center.


To view alert logs

Hover over the chat reply or message area you wish to view, and an icon legend will appear in the top right highlighted area.

Click the bell icon to view alerts. The alert logs for the message will appear in a new window.


To view message history

Follow the same steps to view alert logs, instead of the bell icon, click the circular arrow that surrounds a clock. The message history with statuses will appear in a new window.

For example, a message that was read by the user will include the Sent, Delivered, and Read statuses with the respective timestamps.

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