Android Users

If you are using the SmartPager mobile app, please ensure that you have updated to the latest version, which is 2.6.6 or later.  Once the upgrade is complete you will need to migrate the app to continue to receive messages.  To migrate the app:

  1. Ensure you have version 2.6.6 or later, this can be verified by navigating to the info page within settings. If you do not have version 2.6.6 or later, please navigate to the Play Store and update the app.
  2. Force close the app or reboot your phone.
  3. Open the app. Provided that you have version 2.6.6 or later installed, you will be prompted to upgrade.  Please follow the instructions to complete the upgrade.

Note:  You will be required to download the new Android app as part of the upgrade.

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