Pegasus Inbound Email integration details

To a user via SMTP

You can send an email to a mobile number or a pager number in Smart Pager.

The email must be formatted as <eleven digit phone number>

There must not be any dashes, brackets, or other characters in the phone number.

An ex. would be

To a user via WCTP

Must be configured per account. Please contact support.

To a paging group via SMTP

You can send an email to a uuid of a paging group in Smart Pager.

The uuid only exists on Paging Groups that have been made public.

Step 1 enable the public flag on the paging group.

The public url of a paging group looks like:

The uuid of the paging group is the string of numbers and letters to the right of the slash. In this example:


You can then send an email page into <uuid>, in the above example that would be:

To a paging group via WCTP

This use case is not currently supported.

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