Smart Pager Pegasus and Call Centers

There are a few options available.
One way in options:
1.) To a user via SMTP Email (most call center software supports this, and it should be easy to configure):
You can send an email to a mobile number or a pager number in Smart Pager.
The email must be formatted as <eleven digit phone number>
There must not be any dashes, brackets, or other characters in the phone number.
An ex. would be

2.) Using a web console token (might not be supported by the call center software):
We can provide a list of URLs that will enable you to create messages in Smart Pager to a user. Allows you to track a page through Sent, Delayed, Delivered, Read, and Called status.
An example URL:<token name>?to=[<user id>]
We can provide a separate token to use from your other tokens, and can customize the fields available. We could also just provide the base URL, and the agent can type in the providers name in the To: field.

3.) To a user via WCTP (we have set this up with Amtelco, and Intellidesk, must be configured per account with credentials):
Similar to SMTP, but more reliable, and secure. When the page is sent a response is sent back confirming the page was received.

Two way option:
Add in the Call Center agents as users in Smart Pager with web console logins. They will be able to use the web console to both send and receive messages/pages.

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