August Server Release: V1.10.9

New Features: 

  • Quick Contact links listed vertically with hover feature to indicate providers OnCall


  • New status indicator icons


  • "To:" field displays list of 50 recipients; to see more either use the "Search" field or click the "load more results" link


  • Console controlled suppression of audible alerts, and restriction of mobile users' ability to reply (example: to a broadcast message)


  •  Response options can include more than four choices


  • Schedule either a User or a different Paging Group




  • Create a custom event-escalation list on an event by dragging & dropping users


  • Make a Schedule available to the public as "Read Only" by enabling this feature in the Paging Group's settings


  • Hide contact mobile numbers in the app by disabling "View Mobile Numbers" in the user profile



  • Run Reports based on Message Type


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